July 2010: Workplace Stars reviewed by Feed My App:
    July 2010: Workplace Stars reviewed by Killer App
    Future Event: February 17, 2011 @ 12:45 : American Association of School Administrators (aasa.org) National Conference—Is Your District a Workplace Star?
    Superintendent Bryce Bird, Riverdale School District & Karla Reiss, Education Consultant The Change Place, Service Partner
    Presentation Topic
    We all know boosting student achievement for all is THE measure of success for every school and district, and the primary goal. We all know intangible factors like school culture, leadership and passion to teach and serve directly support student achievement. Our challenge is to make these intangibles measurable and focus resources for improvement.
    During times of shrinking budgets and staff cuts, school leaders must continue to create a workplace of excellence where everyone thrives while focusing on student achievement. This session will describe how to make measurable ten essential factors for creating an excellent workplace that supports continuous improvement in student achievement. Using a new organizational assessment tool, Workplace Stars, we will describe how one district engaged in this process, identified improvement targets and became an even-better organization. Participants can opt to take a complimentary, confidential online survey to determine how their school or district are currently functioning.
    April 2010: Chief Learning Officer magazine—
    Going Beyond Engagement
    Dr. Bea Carson, MALC
    President, Carson Consultants, Service Partner
    April 2010: Long Island, New York, USA
    Alure Home Improvements, Enhanced Customer Care Solutions, Rosenberg & Gluck Law Firm, RSM McGladrey, Saranto Calamas, CPA, PC were recognized for Workplace Excellence by the Organization Development Network Long Island (ODNLI) at their annual Workplace Excellence 2010 Conference on April 8th.
    ODNLI is a membership organization whose purpose is to promote sharing of workplace best practices and inspire workplace innovation in the Long Island community and beyond.
    Workplace Stars works with leaders of public, private and nonprofit organizations to audit, benchmark and rate their organization’s standard of workplace excellence.