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    Features ORG360 Engagement Custom
    Participants ≤999 ≤999 ≤999 ≥1000
    Admin Access - ORG360
    Control Start & End Date        
    Grant Access Permission        
    Control Public Star Score View        
    Password Protected Client Panel        
    Basic Questions        
    Open Comments Questions        
    Multiple Languages Available        
    Invite Broadcast System        
    Auto Email Reminders        
    Open Comments Questions        
    Participant Upload Utility        
    Status Reports for Champion(s)        
    Group Support        
    Progress/Status Dashboard        
    Resource Center
    -ORG360 Announce Template
    -Get Started FAQs
    -Roll Out Success Guide
    -Plus many more proven lead practices
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    Logo Upload Utility        
    Custom Items        
    Customizable Invite Message        
    Sector/Division Support        
    Customizable Welcome Message        
    Customizable Exit Message        
    + Show More
    Report Access - ORG360
    Report Views: Star or Raw Values      
    Response by Company & Group      
    ORG360 Report      
    Retention Factors Report      
    Open Response Questions Report      
    Response Rates      
    Dimension Scores      
    Category Scores      
    Question Scores      
    Online Report Viewing      
    Executive Portfolio
    -Dimension of Strength
    -Percent Favorable Company
    -Top 5
    -Bottom 5
    -Highest/Lowest by Category
    Set Improvement Targets      
    Pre / Post Comparison      
    Modular Print Report Options      
    Export Reports to PDF      
    Export Raw Data to Excel      
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    Our Recommendations      
    Breakdowns by Generations (e.g., Millennials)      
    View Response Rates By Demographics      
    Build & Save Custom Reports by Demographics      
    Benchmark Opportunities & Threats      
    Filtered (Cross-tabulated) Reports by Division      
    Filtered (Cross-tabulated) Reports by Group      
    Filtered (Cross-tabulated) Reports by Demographics      
    Filtered Retention & Withdrawal Factors by Demographics      
    Filtered Open Comments by Demographics      
    Custom Questions Report      
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    Star Workplace Program
    Star Workplace Program      
    Public Star Workplace Trustmark      
    Star Trustmark on Website      
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