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    Workplace Stars Global, Founder Welcome

    Welcome to Workplace Stars! I'm pleased you're here, stay and read ahead if you’re interested in our story.

    Creating better workplaces and better work is not only a priority; it is the culmination of my life’s work. The passion that awakens me every morning is to help leaders improve their secret sauce in concert with the many heads, hearts and hands that make it happen. That same passion founded Workplace Stars.

    Perhaps like you, my primary focus is helping organizations continuously improve, set higher standards and goals for themselves, and produce ever greater impact and results. Conducting diagnostic interviews was my tool of choice to begin down this path. Unfortunately, this method is costly, time consuming and vulnerable to bias, including my own.

    Clients taught me that to decode their DNA requires going beyond the whispers of a select few, even a “representative” sample. It takes the wisdom, experience and perspective of everyone who make daily decisions to most accurately predict an organization’s
    financial success and reputation.

    I wanted these tools for my clients yet found few affordable and quality options. The “big” firms have these tools - and they are very expensive.

    So I built my own – first for my firm, then for the world.

    Now I’m excited to give start-ups to Fortune 50s access to these affordable, high-quality, high-impact ORG360 Employee Engagement survey tools to help you achieve insights fast, which have true potential to lead to transformational results.

    In closing, I again personally welcome you to Workplace Stars. I hold the deepest belief, and will personally guarantee, that we can provide you with a powerful proven and effective performance improvement solution. I encourage you to get to know us and our commitment to your future.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my story and vision with you.

    Workplace Stars. Using research to improve company yield through people.

    Robert 'Bob' Ebers
    Visionary and Creator of the ORG360

    Workplace Stars Nigeria, Country Team

    Website: http://www.workplacestars.com/nigeria
    Twitter: @WorkplceStarsNg
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/WorkplaceStarsNigeria

    Debo Adebayo
    is a Certified Process Professional (International Process & Performance Management Institute) and Member of the Business Process Management Institute (USA). He is an Accountant by training and a seasoned management consultant with years of experience in business Process Management Consulting, Corporate Strategy Development, Human Resources Management and Business Advisory Services for start-up, small, medium scale and evolving businesses. As a business coach, it is his belief, that one must continue learning to be relevant, and as such undergoes developmental trainings regularly

    He has vast experience in business management, financial advisory services and human resources management. The core of his expertise is on business growth, business process design and management and I consult for companies in the oil and gas sector, health sector, manufacturing sector, information sector etc.

    He speaks regularly at business conferences and workshops and also writes for business publications and is a member of various relevant professional bodies amongst them are; Nigeria Institutes of Management Consultant, Nigeria Institute of Training and Development, Institute of Debt and Portfolio Management.

    He currently holds the position of Regional Director, Workplace Stars West Africa.

    Ogechi N. Osuagwu is a Computer Science graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She has acquired training in Information Technology and Telecommunications and is currently pursuing a membership into the Charted Institute of Personnel Management (C.I.P.M) and the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA). She had worked in sales for over two years and currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Workplace Stars Nigeria.

    For over two years, she has been an Analyst with SPNS Consulting; a management consulting firm centered on people, process and strategy. She has had the opportunity to take part and head various projects in Enterprise Transformation, Corporate Strategy, Training and Human Capital Management. In the company’s core focus, Business Process Management, she has taken an added interest in process documentation, mapping and improvement.

    She has had the opportunity to test her abilities and broaden her horizons, putting in 100% with each new endeavor. It is her desire to build the Nigerian business community to a point of stability that will ensure consistent growth and productivity, while ensuring top quality services are provided.

    Sonate Ajose-Harrison studied Industrial and Labor Relations at Olabisi Onabajo University and also has a Bachelors’ degree from the European American University, in Business Administration. She is a certified member of the Institute of Strategic Management Nigeria (ISMN), a member of the Chartered Institute of Commerce Nigeria (CICN) with experience in Relationship Management and Customer Service in the Financial Institution, Manufacturing and Hospitality Industry.

    She currently serves as the Head of Corporate Services for Workplace Stars Nigeria. She regards herself as highly competent and her strength lies in her persistence for continuous improvement and ability to understand and act on factors to achieve positive performance in myself and in others.

    Words that best describe her personality are: Responsible, Focused, Calm, Honest, Accountable, with high integrity.

    Workplace Stars Global, Founder Bio

    Robert 'Bob' EbersBob Ebers Image (LinkedIn) is a firm believer that high performance and organizational success cannot be achieved without both manager and employee engagement. Bob is passionate about organization excellence and has dedicated the past 30 years of his career to research and understand which practices and behaviors drive both high performance and employee engagement.

    In 2007 Bob launched Workplace Stars, a management consultancy that provides a simple, research-driven methodology used to understand and assess the internal health of organizations. The ORG360, a proprietary research-based workplace analytic tool measures manager and employee engagement, service excellence, loyalty and retention. Bob’s other firm; Knowing Point Partnership is an organization effectiveness consultancy. Bob has also held key executive positions with manufacturing and distribution industry leaders including former Manager, HR for Monsanto and Director of Learning & Development, Arrow Electronics.

    EbersDownload300dpiRecognized as an energetic, creative and positive business leader, Bob is particularly accomplished in creating step change in levels of organizational performance and employee engagement. He has trained and consulted to Service, Information and Manufacturing businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 50's. Whether on the platform presenting to groups of hundreds, facilitating a business planning session with CEOs and leadership teams or coaching “close-in,” Bob has a talent to quickly guide clients to the root problem and practical solutions.

    Among his clients are Apple Computer, ADP, Citicorp Diners Club, Estee Lauder, Inc., Simon and Schuster, General Electric Corporation, GE Capital, GE Nuclear, Macmillan McGraw-Hill, Hewlett Packard, Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals, McGladrey CPA, Cerini & Associates CPA, the New York City Board of Education and several major urban and suburban school districts across the country.

    Bob received B.S. and M.A. degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has completed advanced study in organizational development at the William Alanson White Institute in New York City and is a member of the A. K. Rice Institute, Society for Human Resources Management, and is founder and past President of Organization Development Network Long Island and is founding President of UNL-SHRM at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the winner of 22 Superior Merit Awards. He is the owner of several groups on LinkedIn, including Organization Development, Learning & Development and Arrow Electronics. He blogs at Workplace Excellence and also writes for trade journals in the areas of performance excellence and employee engagement and his articles have appeared in Long Island Business News and Insurance Journal-National.


    Keynotes & Presentations


    The economy is different, customer demands have increased and employees feel more uneasy, uncertain and insecure. Customers no longer expect a good job every time-they demand it! The expectations and demands on your company have changed, and so have your people - the same people who everyday make decisions that make or cost you profit. For your customers, your company and your employees it's no longer "business as usual." These changes and pressures require a different response from management ― yet your employees will never say these things ― things that critically impact your company’s profitability. To optimize growth and remain profitable you must understand and adapt to new realities and workforce expectations important to the success of your company.

    How can you become a firm with highly motivated employees that consistently create positive client experiences?

    The time is now to look within and focus on your company and employees. Learn what practices and behaviors drive manager and employee engagement, loyalty and retention. Knowing the characteristics of a great culture, great teamwork and great leaders focused on creating memorable and lasting client experience is what will take your firm to the next level.

    It’s as if the skies are starting to clear following a major storm; the economy is beginning to look better, and people are once again more hopeful about the future. Yet, as you assess the landscape for your firm the economy is different, clients needs are changing and your employees are watchful, it's no longer “business as usual.” From the pace of technological change to the threats and opportunities of globalization, the nature of work in professional services firms will be distinctly different from the recent past. Bob Ebers is Founder of Workplace Stars, a workplace improvement firm and one of today's thought leaders on the changing world of work.

    To start, he’ll lay out the challenges ahead. From forces in our economy that will be a major issue for firm leaders; in particular, the impact of commoditization on firm management and employees. How firm leaders cope with change driven by this and other factors could become a stumbling block – or a stepping stone – to a firm that wants to lead its industry into the future. This keynote will give you a road map of the perils ahead for your firm and help prepare you to make change an ally instead of a threat.

    Presentation Topics

    Raising the Bar - What CEOs Need from Their Organization and How HR/TM/OD/L&D Can Help
    Whether leading a conglomerate or a local enterprise successful CEOs inherently share specific essentials. They require growth. They require a positive experience delivered to customers. They require intelligent, growth producing strategies hardwired to an enduring business model. To achieve these essentials, CEOs require a great culture. They require great teamwork. They require skilled and motivated people and proven support systems that able to deliver on the promise of sustainable success. How do smart CEOs guarantee these requirements are met? Learn how HR/TM/OD/L&D can help raise the bar and give your CEO what’s required to succeed.

    Driving High Performance and Workplace Engagement
    In difficult economic times, stress impacts the organization, its managers and employees in similar ways. During these times it is critical to look beyond employee engagement. The drivers of both high performance and employee engagement are essential to de-stress the organization for sustainability and success.

    Bob Ebers’ presentation describes the practices and behaviors that connect and energize managers and employees to delivery extraordinary service. By understanding these connections organizations can achieve maximum productivity and overall performance success. The following issues will be addressed:

    The Need: Why transforming workplace motivation into productivity is a top priority in today’s environment
    The Research: What four drives motivate excellence at work and three factors critical to high performance and employee engagement
    The Resources: How to access a complimentary research-based diagnostic tool when resources are limited

    Our Research

    Driving High Performance and Organization Engagement Requires Going Beyond Employee Engagement

    In today's interrelated environment you must understand the drivers of both high performance, manager and employee engagement.

    With no time to waste, you need to identify the most powerful predictors of success for your organization and focus your efforts on those actions that will have the quickest and greatest impact.

    You need to make decisions on business and people strategy with the confidence that comes with a simple, yet powerful research-based methodology .

    Get these things and more with our proven and practical, yet research-based ORG360 tools, web 2.0 report technology and price points that fit within your budget.

    Learn about our
    Driving High Performance and Organization Engagement Model (pdf).

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    Our approach?

    The Workplace Stars framework offers a wealth of opportunity to deliver the results you need to improve productivity and take your organization to the next level. Whether you are planning for growth or facing turbulent times the ORG360 tool can steer you to success.

    Our framework is versatile, flexible, non-prescriptive and outcome-based. We recognize that every organization is different and therefore need to reach their end goals in their own way.

    Some businesses have used the framework to implement a new strategy, others to manage change. How you work with Workplace Stars can be as individual as the many organizations who work with us.

    What we do?

    We provide the world with research-driven organization assessment solutions to improve profit performance through people. Our technology solutions are high quality, affordable and easy to use. These tools are accessible to other firms who want to grow their business and increase profitability.

    Why a Star Workplace matters?

    From a personal standpoint, the workplace is an active, vital part of the lives of employees, managers and the communities that support them. Using our ORG360 Employee Engagement survey tool to be recognized as a Star Workplace provides a platform for professional success, social achievement and enrichment of the lives of all stakeholders. In today’s changing economy, striving for a Star Workplace and high performance on every level cannot be understated.