Client Testimonials
    "Alure Home Improvements participated in a Management Summit facilitated by an Organization Development consultant. The focus of the Summit centered on the results of the ORG360 that Alure had just completed. The ORG360 presented us with the opportunity to receive critical feedback from our internal customers, our employees. The one true competitive advantage we have in our business is our people. In order to maintain that advantage, Alure must strive to continually improve our ability to engage and retain key personnel.
    The ORG360 pinpointed many areas of strength as well as the challenges that exist in serving our employees. The ORG360 has the ability to drill down demographically within the company and expose specific challenges in different functional areas. This provided valuable insight and directed us to specific action plans to address these challenges.
    Maintaining a competitive advantage in business is vital to success. The ability to recruit, hire and retain valuable employees strengthens that advantage. The ORG360 serves as an instrument that enhances your corporate strengths and recognizes internal challenges. It is a process that needs to be part of any strategic business plan.
    Workplace Stars has helped Alure 'bring our experience home'.”
    Sal Ferro, President/CEO
    Alure Home Improvements, Inc.
    Plainview, New York, USA
    "Workplace Stars has been connected with Enhanced Customer Care Solutions (ECCS) for the past 4 years when they first brought their passion and excitement for workplace excellence to our company.
    The Workplace Stars team dazzled ECCS by bringing the same commitment in the form of the ORG360. Workplace Stars and its audit system is a highly successful process that helps to improve internal relationships and standards of the employees working environment.
    Through the ORG360, ECCS has achieved great success in identifying, understanding and addressing internal concerns, thus creating a healthy working environment while increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. This is evident in our positive employee feedback as well as our significantly low attrition rate.
    By using the ORG360, ECCS has moved even to closer to being a leader in the area of employee engagement/passion and is consistently striving for our desired “5 STAR Score.”
    Thank you Workplace Stars. Most importantly, thank you for the ORG360."
    Vincent Gaines, CEO & Jeanine Aponte, HR Manager
    Enhanced Customer Care Solutions
    Melville, New York, USA
    "Rosenberg & Gluck has as a core belief that we should strive to be a law firm that outperforms all our competition. We were convinced that we had assembled the most talented attorneys and support staff on Long Island. Taking all that talent and getting us to coalesce into the best firm was the challenge we faced.
    The ORG360 was the ideal way for us to easily and accurately identify and measure those areas that needed to be addressed in order for us to attain our goal. By encouraging input from every employee and allowing it to be shared anonymously we were able as a firm to pinpoint exactly where we needed to change and how best to improve. The ORG360 told us what had to change and then let us grade ourselves on how effectively we made those adjustments that are critical to achieving excellence."
    Ted M. Rosenberg, Partner
    Rosenberg & Gluck LLP
    Holtsville, New York, USA
    "At first we were reluctant to seek out staff input because we didn't want to "open a can of worms" or unneccessarily raise expectations. There were things we knew weren't working well, yet didn't know how to find out. We were pleasantly surprised with the ORG360. Not only did we get information needed to advance our firm, our staff has stepped forward to help us improve. This was a strong win for us. Everyone here at Saranto Calamas, CPA, PC looks forward to next year to see and how much we've improved."
    Saranto Calamas, Managing Partner
    Saranto Calamas, CPA, MBA, PC
    Port Jefferson, New York, USA
    "As a multi-time user, we've conducted ORG360 with phenomenal results. Most recently, we used a ORG360 with a select population of our business to specifically identify and reduce retention risks, as well as target areas to improve client service excellence. The overall user experience, both audit answeree and reviewer, is outstanding in its simplicity. Surprisingly, this ease of use extends to the crisp dashboards, information management and data view manipulation. The actionable online information this tool provides makes it my clear choice, and in my opinion, best-in-class."
    Dr. Eric Hieger, Manager, Organization Development & Training
    New York, New York, USA