Frequently Asked Questions

      What is Workplace Stars?

      We are a global research and management consultancy that provides employee engagement advisory services. Workplace Stars helps companies measure employee engagement and develop effective strategies to improve associate satisfaction, job performance, business results. Workplace Stars was founded in 2007 to provide a simple research-driven methodology that could be widely used to understand and assess the effectiveness and internal health of companies by using proprietary research-based human analytics  to measure manager and employee engagement, loyalty and drive key success metrics. Other offerings include free workplace reviews for both employees and employers and our Global Provider Network dedicated to creating Star Workplaces.

      Who is Workplace Stars?

      The Workplace Stars is comprised of experienced performance improvement professionals who have worked with all size companies to access both sides of the employer-employee relationship. Workplace Stars improves employee engagement that in turn helps nurture and build high performance cultures. Our experienced survey consultants assist you to choose the right employee engagement instrument that best fits the needs of your employees and your business culture.

      Who hires Workplace Stars?

      Workplace Stars is ideal for any public, private, government or nonprofit business who understands the importance of employee engagement and recognizes how improved employee engagement can lead to improved performance, enhanced service and better business results.

      Why Workplace Stars?

      The Workplace Stars Team passionately recognizes and celebrates the achievements of employers as well as the dedicated employees that work within your company. Beyond analyzing survey results, Workplace Stars Consultants can help your business develop realistic action plans that address the issues and not just the symptoms, resulting in lasting changes to your workplace culture. Workplace Stars will assist your company to develop 3 crucial skills that will help improve your employee engagement and overall business results:

      • employers to intensely listen to employees;
      • employees to intensely listen to employers; and,
      • both employers and employees to listen intensely to the marketplace or public.
      What is the ORG360?

      The Employee Engagement ORG360 is our engagment tool that provides feedback on your management practices, employees and service levels to better understand and assess the effectiveness and internal health of your company ― from the perspective of your people.

      Research shows that to listen deeply and take action contributes to:

      • Better engaged employees who provide a higher level of service
      • Increased employee retention
      • Reduced recruitment and labor costs
      • Higher EBITDA and increased shareholder value
      What makes Workplace Stars different?

      Workplace Stars focuses exclusively on changing culture to improve business results. Our Employee Engagement ORG360 measures practices and behaviors beyond an employee engagement survey. Workplace Stars leverages key metrics that provides the  insight needed to help your business be better than the competition and create more buzz about the company, its products and services. Workplace Stars encourages your employees to participate, ensuring they have a valuable role in the improvement process. Finally, Workplace Stars serves the public interest by helping to improve the quality of life and economic strength of communities through the connection of both performance and workplace engagement.

      What does getting started mean?

      After your application is processed, you will receive a URL and special code to register and gain access to your Employee Engagement ORG360 via your Master Console. Workplace Stars will help you to add participants and define groups. When this is completed, participants will be notified by email to participate. Your Workplace Stars consultant works with you, providing support every step of the way.

      Who uses Workplace Stars?

      Any company who needs employee engagement intelligence to improve their outcomes. Professionals who value going to the top table with data culled from a discipined and scientific Employee Engagement ORG360 Report. Those dedicated to service and operational excellence will be impressed with the ability to leverage the outcomes of our work to improve both performance key metrics and workplace engagement.

      Aren’t you a survey company?

      Workplace Stars is a consultancy which uses the Employee Engagement ORG360 survey to measure employee engagement. At Workplace Stars, our mission is to help your company. We can provide an optional, side-by-side comparison of your company and workplace cultures. Companies who successfully meet predetermined standards of performance and workplace engagement will be publicly recognized through our exclusive Star Workplace Trustmark & Registry. Those on our registry have:

      • Agreed to share key Employee Engagement ORG360 results online
      • Achieved a Star Workplace Trustmark of at least 3.01 on 5.0 scale and meet a minimum participation requirement
      • Agreed to re-apply every 12 months
      Why would a company pay to get a Star Workplace Trustmark?

      In real estate it is said that three things are important: location-location-location. For a company, it is branding, branding and branding. Every company competes for clients, revenue, employees and an increase in shareholder value. Our Star Workplace Trustmark solution advertises to other companies, clients and future employees that your business has a nurturing workplace that values employees and recognizes the importance of their engagement to the success of your business.

      Who would want to be published if they have less than 5 stars?

      The minimum standard for one star is both performance and workplace engagement. A Star Workplace Trustmark means the company is on the positive end of the scale and is a positive place to thrive and win. There are five degrees of performance and workplace engagement. You may know that five stars are awarded by the United States military only during times of war, a rare occurrence. This being the case, if you were a one or two star General, would you wear this achievement proudly? We say yes.

      For us a Star Workplace of one or two stars is cause for celebration, not embarrassment.

      What does an Employee Engagement ORG360 cost?

      Pricing for Workplace Stars depends upon the number of employees to be surveyed, whether you choose a Pulse, Standard or Tailored Survey and finally the level of support you desire to assist you with the development of your action plans. Contact a provider to complete an assessment and receive a proposal for services. Given the potential improvement in employee engagement, higher retention, better performance and and increased service levels for your clients, Workplace Stars offers incredible ROI that can have a lasting impact on your business. 

      What does the Employee Engagement ORG360 measure?

      The Employee Engagement ORG360 measures Stewardship, Engagement and Service, including such issues as retention, stakeholder satisfaction and leadership.

      You will have online access to a suite of game-changing reports that help turn employee engagement and high performance into action. Most importantly, our Employee Engagement ORG360 Reports are intuitive and simple to read. Our team of  professionals provide you with expert analysis and assist you with the development of your action plans, allowing your team to focus on the execution.  

      Can you give an example of some Employee Engagement ORG360 items?

      Engagement ORG360 generates data for multiple dimensions including Stewardship, Engagement and Service.

      Stewardship Dimension — actions that protect the long term viability, financial health and well-being of the company and its people.
      Leadership Category: I trust the senior leadership team to make the changes necessary to ensure future success.

      Engagement Dimension — internal factors necessary for employees to act from choice and be fully committed to the success of the company.
      Job Satisfaction Category: I have access to the resources I need to be successful.

      Service Dimension — behaviors from senior management to the frontline for being in service to customers and each other.
      Caring Category: My workgroup constantly looks for ways to achieve better outcomes for those we serve.


      How do you know if the Employee Engagement ORG360 is accurate?

      Our extensive research reflects a measurable relationship between high Employee Engagement ORG360 scores and employee performance which in turn can be linked to company business objectives. Workplace Stars helps companies identify and address the issues that impact employee engagement. Plus, companies who survey their employees annually are better able to discern how new HR policies, restructuring and changes to employee workload impact engagement year over year. This awareness allows the company to respond and react, thereby minimizing the impact upon the business objectives.  

      Employee Engagement ORG360 items have been extensively researched and anchored in both historic and emerging multidisciplinary research on motivation including Paul R. Lawrence and Nitin Nohria’s 4 drives to acquire/achieve, bond/belong, learn/challenge and defend/define.

      In addition, we have also cross-verified the Employee Engagement ORG360 items with Kenexa: (; Mayflower Benchmarking Consortium ( and the Gallup Organization (

      Who has access to the Employee Engagement ORG360 results?

      Workplace Stars works with you to select an administrator who is responsible for controlling permissions that grant anyone within the company or a department access to the report. This makes it easy to share Employee Engagement ORG360 information with senior leadership, managers or others who can be enlisted to prepare and execute the action plans needed to address the issues and concerns revealed by the survey results.

      Are employee responses to the Employee Engagement ORG360 items anonymous?

      Workplace Stars adheres to strict practices which ensure employee anonymity. Our instructions are clear and transparent so that employees are encouraged to be honest and candid with their responses. Employees are advised multiple times that their responses are anonymous (not confidential, since summary data is shared). Also, for analysis purposes, the minimum number of employees in any surveyed group must be four or greater. Beyond maintaining anonymity, Workplace Stars partners with your team to ensure that action plans are generated that respond to the identified issues and concerns. We also work with your team on the timely communication of results and action plan. This reinforces the closed loop process and rewards employees for being forthcoming and honest by demonstrating the desire to react to their input and change the workplace culture.

      How long does the Employee Engagement ORG360 it take to complete?

      Participants consistently report that it takes them about 15-20 minutes to complete. The Employee Engagement ORG360 includes scale, multiple-choice and open response questions. Employees respond to questions within a range of “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree,” with a not-applicable (N/A) option available.

      We understand employees are busy people. If they are interrupted in the middle of the Employee Engagement ORG360, they can save and finish at a later date. Their responses will be stored allowing them to resume and complete the survey as their work schedule permits.

      Data is just data – what are we going to do with our Employee Engagement ORG360 results?

      Workplace Stars generates survey results from the Engagement ORG360 Report, but our support doesn’t end there. We also assist your company with the survey analysis as well as the development of action plans to assist your team with responding to the issues and concerns identified by the survey.

      In addition to our lead practice Rollout Success Guide available exclusively in your Master Console Resource Center, the Employee Engagement ORG360 Report has an online improvement target tool designed to help you transform your results into an ongoing plan for improvement. The Employee Engagement ORG360 allows you to share the results — and the responsibility — with front-line managers and team leads.

      The Employee Engagement ORG360 Report breaks down results to each manager’s area of responsibility. The report recommends quick and intermediate wins to improve stewardship, engagement or service. Your managers must stay focused on running the company, not analyzing data. As a result, the Employee Engagement ORG360 Report provides short, easy to understand reports that clearly identify areas for improvement. In addition, we provide current to previous comparison feedback that helps identify progress or regress and link Employee Engagement ORG360 outcomes to measurable improvement.

      How do I get started with an Employee Engagement ORG360?

      Email to  request an analysis. Our team of professionals will work with you to better understand your company characteristics, your business objectives, known challenges and employee demographics before we review whether a Pulse, Standard or Tailored Survey is best suited for your company.

      Do you offer other services?
      We have a powerful network of providers. They offer a spectrum of services, including consulting, training and coaching to address the issues uncovered in the Employee Engagement ORG360 Report. We also offer customized solutions and survey expertise for specialized reports, driver analysis and etc. For more information, email .