Because Work Matters

      We Rethought Everything

      What drives success?

      When highly engaged employees care more and perform better, clients remain loyal and business gets better.

      Workplaces with Highly Engaged Employees

      Enjoy Better Results


      higher customer advocacy


      increase in productivity


      lower employee turnover


      boost in innovation


      62% more accidents occur in workplaces when engagement is in the bottom quartile average, than those in the top.

      64% of employees have more to offer in skills and talent, than they are currently being asked to demonstrate at work.

      87% of companies rated engagement and culture the #1 issue around the world, vs. 79 % last year.


      Our Engagement Model

      Stewardship of leaders who are passionate and create a pathway to success


      Engagement of employees who care more, perform better and stay longer

      Service to customers who remain loyal, are helpful and refer others


      Every company is unique so it's important to learn what is best to improve your workplace experience


      Several factors influence overall engagement including climate, strategic direction, performance improvement, leadership, recognition and rewards, learning and development, manager effectiveness, job satisfaction, caring, teamwork and more...


      We collect detailed feedback on these topics & analyze factors that have greatest engagement impact

      Our suite of engagement analytics tools helps you collect employee feedback and set HR metrics in three easy steps

      Measure Engagement

      Analyze Results

      Take Action

      Advantages To Partnering With Workplace Stars

      Easy to Launch

      Save your most precious time and resources while relying on experts to implement and analyze your survey

      Online Dashboards

      Slice ‘n’ dice and compare ‘n’ contrast the data any way you chose, comments can be text analyzed simply and easily

      High Completion Rate

      Follow our lead practice communication plan and receive auto status updates to track completion goals

      Text Analytics

      You get an advantage to move beyond the numbers to discover the what’s and the why’s of your engagement scores

      Flexible Customization

      Tailor a survey as unique as your workplace, including items, demographics, emails and languages

      Action Planning

      Build action plans to target and address the most important aspects of employee engagement

      Validated Survey

      Professionally written and benchmarked survey items ensures precision assessment of engagement drivers

      Mobile Friendly

      Both your employees and managers can freely take the survey and access feedback from any device at any time

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