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      Short surveys engineered for high response rate and real time feedback. Implementing succession planning improved high potential retention by 77%



      In-depth surveys with unlimited user-defined demographics.
      New service levels improved client retention by 5% and net profits by 25%



      Custom constructed surveys with unlimited user-defined demographics.
      Eliminated 6 month backlog achieving a Government mandated deadline

      How Workplace Stars Transforms Engagement!

      Managers Can

      Managers Can

      • Easily identify team strengths and weaknesses
      • Track year-over-year progress and celebrate success
      • Compare results to other teams or the enterprise
      HR Can

      HR Can

      • Focus on results instead of administration
      • Easily share reports with anyone
      • Probe deep with powerful analytical tools
      Executives Can

      Executives Can

      • Link engagement data to key performance metrics
      • Drilldown deep into detailed results as desired
      • Compare results to a variety of benchmarks and past years’ results

      All the Right Things In One Place

      Learn Where to Take Action with Engagement Drivers


      Know Where You Stand

      Our scorecard provides important benchmarks to let you know how you’re doing. See how your organization stacks up against other companies, or compare against your own past performance. With Workplace Stars, it’s easy to see how your organization is progressing over time.

      Star Score Legend
      Quickly Identify Why Your People Stay and Leave

      Predictive Employee Engagement Measurement

      We measure proven engagement drivers (e.g., company leadership, performance improvement, teamwork,) and numerically quantify the impact of each driver. As a result, we can predict with accuracy and reliability how you should prioritize initiatives to improve employee engagement.


      How the Top Gets to the Bottom of Engagement

      To get a richer understanding of situations, Workplace Stars allows you drilldown to dive deeper into the data. Isolate reporting by team, location, age range and more – in whatever combination you want. Then follow up with targeted response plans.

      Star Workplace Demographics

      Brands Who Trust Us

      What Our Star Workplaces Say…

      “ORG360 has the ability to drill down demographically within the company and expose specific challenges in different functional areas. Maintaining a competitive advantage in business is vital to success. The ability to recruit, hire and retain valuable employees strengthens that advantage. Workplace Stars has helped Alure ‘bring our experience home’.”
      Sal Ferro

      President/CEO , Alure Home Improvements, Inc.

      “By encouraging input from every employee and allowing it to be shared anonymously we were able as a firm to pinpoint exactly where we needed to change and how best to improve. The ORG360 told us what had to change and then let us grade ourselves on how effectively we made those adjustments that are critical to achieving excellence.”
      Ted M. Rosenberg

      Partner, Rosenberg & Gluck LLP

      “The Workplace Stars team dazzled ECCS by bringing the same commitment in the form of the ORG360. Its audit system is a highly successful process that helps to improve internal relationships and standards of the employees working environment. By using the ORG360, ECCS has moved even to closer to being a leader in the area of employee engagement/passion”
      Vincent Gaines

      CEO, Enhanced Customer Care Solutions

      “Most recently, we used a ORG360, the overall user experience, both audit answeree and reviewer, is outstanding in its simplicity. Surprisingly, this ease of use extends to the crisp dashboards, information management and data view manipulation. The actionable online information this tool provides makes it my clear choice, and in my opinion, best-in-class.”

      Dr. Eric Hieger

      Psy.D., Sr. Director, Change Leadership & Management, Global Business Transformation, ADP

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